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To say that Carolyn Rife is anything less than amazing would be an understatement.  We were lucky enough to win a sitting with Carolyn Rife Photography at a charity auction.  Carolyn took us to the most beautiful spot and spent over an hour photographing our family.  Sometimes a photographer has a hard time getting just a few great shots.  I had so many to choose from that the most difficult part of the entire process was deciding which pictures I loved most.  She is incredible at photo shop and the final results are priceless.  I would give Carolyn the highest marks for being fun, silly, personable and professional.  My kids loved her which made the time spent having the photos taken fly by.  As the years go by I can't wait to give her the opportunity to photograph our family again. Kendra Fluher


My husband, 16 month old son and I recently had our photographs taken by Carolyn Rife!!  She is so talented and creates ART out of pictures!! Besides all that talent she is so patient with children.... during the shoot our little boy was laughing at her and by the end she was carrying our little guy around!!  Carolyn made us feel comfortable and at ease during the photo shoot but the part that that blew us away was the THE PICTURES!!  They truly took our breath away!!  I just couldn't believe the moments she had captured!!  At our reviewing session she presented the photos to us to music  and by the end of the review both my husband and I had tears in our eyes!!  We were shocked at the amazing work!!  I couldn't be more happy with the results.  You will not be disappointed with this artist's work!! Trust her, have fun and let her do her thing and you will be amazed!!  GREAT EXPERIENCE!!!  Tammy Eyrich


Carolyn is in a class of her own as far as photography goes...she, not only is a photographer, but she is truly an artist.  Her work speaks for itself.  She did my kids' photos when they turned exactly a year old and she is actually shooting them tomorrow...they are now 9 and 12!   Carolyn is always looking to better her craft and is always finding new ways to create a moment....she never settles for doing the same kind of shot.  I look forward to Carolyn shooting my children's high school senior portraits in the future and perhaps even their wedding someday!!  Verna Kanamouri


I am an amateur photographer myself and so I am always reviewing the professionals work to get ideas and inspiration.  I have viewed many photographs from very many professional portrait photographers over the last few years, but in my opinion, none of them have attained the quality that Carolyn has attained in her work.  She has a creative ability that makes her work stand out far above others in her profession.  Her photos are absolutely beautiful and I am always in awe of her creations.

Tom Pixler


Carolyn is a wonderful photographer that will bring out the best in you and your family, especially children!  She offers excellent products and always adds a touch of class to your portraits.  She has a very creative eye and can recommend photo shoot locations you would not even think of to get you the most amazing pictures.  She also uses her own props and does all kinds of touch-ups (as needed) on the portraits.   I was sooooooo happy with our portraits and Carolyn's service.  The price is right too.  The portrait on my wall gets amazing comments and I will cherish it forever.  I will definitely use her again!

 Randi Beckley


Our family absolutely LOVES Carolyn.  She has such a fun sprited and sweet attitude that she can always get our daughters smiling and obtain that perfect photo.  She shoots with the most unique props and picture perfect locations.  Carolyn also has a keen eye for shots and angles that you would never expect would turn out good but when you get the proofs you are proven wrong every time! We highly recommend Carolyn!  Jessica R.


I was kind of skeptical of getting pictures taken of just me (my senior pictures) but Carolyn made it so easy! She made me feel like I was in a world of my own and it was so dang fun! She would give me tips, accessories, and laughs the whole time through! Thank you so much I cant wait for Christmas pictures!  Riley Logsdon


CAROLYN RIFE is my HERO!  I hate having my picture taken but.... the rest of my  family loves it!  Thank goodness my teenage daughter took over the dreaded "Christmas picture taking" process and called CAROLYN RIFE PHOTOGRAPHY.  She sets the appointment and tells me when to show up.  I am mad, don't want to be there, then suddenly.... I am laughing, having fun, getting close to my husband, holding hands, hugging and maybe even kissed a few times. Then my daughters are snuggling, being silly, sitting on my lap and yes, even kissing me!  WOW!  I love this picture taking thing! Carolyn invites us to view our pictures and what a special event that was also!  Looking at all of us together, having fun, hugging, being serious, being silly, walking arm in arm.... the photos and memories are priceless!  Needless to say it is our new family tradition to have several photo sessions a year with Carolyn.  My girls are looking forward to the day they can have Carolyn photograph their weddings!


Sincerely, Lesley Barnes



Carolyn Rife is an amazing photographer.  We have been using her from well before we had children, and is the only person we will use for our family photos.  She is a true artist and it shows in every picture she takes.  Her attention to detail is what sets her apart from the rest. She is able to make each photo session go smoothly and keeps our children interested so that all we have to do is try to look our best.  We have found her to be very family friendly and a true professional.  As a customer, your hardest task will be deciding which pictures are your favorites, because they are all that good. I would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to update their family album or celebrate an occasion (i.e. mother’s day/birthday/engagement, etc.) with a photo session.  You will not be disappointed.

Amada Gill


I am a HUGE HUGE fan, there is nobody better. Carolyn is not only incredibly talented, but beautiful inside and out, your experience will be the best you will ever have.  Barbara Quinn Mueller 


Carolyn Rife is one of the best  photographers in Orange County. Her love for photography, patience,professionalism and confidence proves that. I worked with Carolyn since last year. She shot our engagement pictures and our wedding. She works with excellence and she'll make you feel like family. She is worth every penny and you'll have amazing memories executed with professionalism. I highly recommend her.  Mihaela Paige


Never have I seen a more talented, creative and funloving photographer. She has been taking our portraits since my children were 3.....would never even consider another photographer !  She is simply, the BEST !  Carin Vimont


Romance, Beauty, Memories… Those are the things that Carolyn knows really well. Her images invoke a sense of timelessness... Her subjects, especially children, become magical through her camera lens. Whether playful or thoughtful, they captivate and enchant the viewer. A consummate professional, Carolyn envisions stunning images from seemingly ordinary settings. Carolyn is truly passionate about her work and it shows… she makes her subjects comfortable in front of her camera while she helps families preserve their history, or captures the romance of a young couple, the beauty of a model, or creates an artistic image worthy of a gallery. I am captivated by Carolyn’s photography. I look forward to continuing being surprised and amazed by her work.

---Vera Jacobs


Carolyn is amazing.  She has capture the essence of my family and especially my boys each year.  She has wonderful ideas that come together beautifully through her lens.  I wish I had more wall space!

Patty Hovey


We had our family pictures done by Carolyn Rife and she was so great making our family feel so comfortable...we had her do our christmas card as well and to this day I still have people tell me how our card was by far their favorite one they received!!! She is by far the best photographer we have used for family portraits and we will treasure these photos forever....thanks again Carolyn...Luv The Marshall Family


My experience with Carolyn Rife Photography is professional, fun and complete satisfaction.  I found and admired her work about 12 years ago and have used her ever since.  I believe anyone would be completely thrilled with her unique style and will enjoy  these timeless pictures for years to come. Mine are priceless to me. 

Thanks Carolyn! Linda Zambrano


“There is only one photographer I will ever use ~ Carolyn of Carolyn Rife    Photography.  I don’t know how she does it!”

“Carolyn Rife Photography captured the very essence of each of my boys!”

“Carolyn’s easy way put my boys at ease and made for a wonderful experience!” “Most talented and creative!”

  Marc Patterson


Carolyn of Carolyn Rife Photography took pictures of our daughter for her acting portfolio. Her pictures are so beautiful and her agent was blown away by the professional quality of the photos. We had so many amazing snapshots to choose from which made it difficult because we only needed two looks. Her natural creative instincts set her apart from the rest! Thank you Carolyn, 

The Drivers


Absolutely amazing!  Every time some one comes to my house and sees Carolyn's pictures it always leads to a discussion about how beautiful they are!  Carolyn is very professional and did an amazing job with my children.  I have never seen my kids work so comfortably and easily with anyone.  It made picture taking in the early morning a blast for them and we all had a great time.  The quality of her work, her integrity, and her passion for what she does make her the perfect photographer for all your family's needs!

 Kristy Kersey



Thank you Carolyn for giving our family a lifetime of tangible and irreplaceable images to be treasured forever!

May you embrace the beautiful talent God has given "YOU!" 

Life goes by so incredibly fast and with your heart felt photographs we are able to enjoy!

Thanks again "Sweet Carolyn" for sharing your special gift with us. 


The Jackson Family


Carolyn thank you for always taking such beautiful pictures of my family.  You have been taking photographs of my family for 7 1/2 years. You take wonderful photographs and make the shoots fun for my family.  My kids love to see you and take pictures.  We have a terrific collection of beautiful photographs of our children and family, they include, hand painted, sepia, black and white and color. We are always very happy with our photographs and love to "showcase" them all over our house. 

 Brenda Scialdone


Absolutely amazing!  Every time some one comes to my house and sees Carolyn's pictures it always leads to a discussion about how beautiful they are!  Carolyn is very professional and did an amazing job with my children.  I have never seen my kids work so comfortably and easily with anyone.  It made picture taking in the early morning a blast for them and we all had a great time.  The quality of her work, her integrity, and her passion for what she does make her the perfect photographer for all your family's needs!

 Kristy Kersey


Carolyn had so many great ideas when we were doing our photo shoot! She made us feel comfortable and relaxed, and it really showed in our prints! Her unique artisitic approach to each image gave our pictures a timeless quality that we will enjoy forever!

-Cassandra Wilcox  


Carolyn Rife has a gift like no other!

She has the ability to capture the pure essence of anyone she photographs!

Her humility and love for life shines through with every photograph taken.

She is a true blue angel behind the lense...and in front!