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I am a wife to my high school sweet heart, and Mother of 3 amazing boys. Ryan-25 Corey-24, and Beau21. 




I love my life , To be able to pursue my passion as my career is an absolute gift. To surround myself daily with the things and people I love, and to be able to capture these images for others to enjoy forever is true gratitude.


I would love the opportunity to meet you and your family and to provide you with whatever portrait needs you have.


Carolyn Rife                                                                                          

I was struggling with how to convey my passion and love of photography. I came across a school assignment in the documents on my home computer that my youngest son Beau had done, that I had never seen. I was so touched, I thought it sort of explained it better than I could.


Meet a Scholar

By: Beau Rife 4th Grade 


The person I have chosen for my scholar is my mom Carolyn Rife. My mom is my favorite scholar for sure. She has her own photography business. She takes family and children’s photo’s. She loves to capture the kid’s expressions. My Mom always makes sure that the parents are happy with her work. That gives her the biggest smile. My mom also works with other photographers to share knowledge and ideas with each other.

My mom also is a great scholar in that she helps me with whatever I’m doing, homework, sports or just how my day is. If she can help me with anything she will. At dinner time we all talk about our day and what we did for that day and what we are all thankful for.

My mom is very persistent in whatever she starts; she will always finish 100%. Sometimes she stays up all night working on her photography. She takes a lot of pride in everything she does, and doesn’t quit until she is happy with whatever she does.

My mom’s tools for her work are her camera and paints, but her tools for life is her kindness, love, helpfulness and generosity.

My mom is a great scholar because she saves all of her best photography work and frames it in our studio for all her clients to see. She also saves all of our family photos in memory albums for all of us to look back on. That way all of our fun life memories are captured forever. This is why my mom loves her photography, because it saves all the special times in our lives.

Most of all my mom is a scholar because she is a very loving mother. She try’s very hard to give our family lots of love and memories. She is always planning something fun for us all to do and just to enjoy life.

My Mom is definitely a great scholar and I love her.

Thanks Mom

Beau Rife